Speed-Traction Bars

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Speed-Traction Bars

Traction Bars for Toyota Tacoma 1998-2004

2wd TRACTION BARS to reduce or eliminate axle hop and axle twist for better accel and decel, this kit keeps the axle under control unlike that sloppy setup we have stock.
This kit comes with everything needed to install on your truck, including Super High grade Fasteners (far superior to stock hardware).

Heim joints in the front with poly bushings in the rear. The length is adjustable. Bolts in front to the front spring eye, and in the rear to a fabricated sandwich mount. They come unpainted so you can coat them however you like! Or paintable non-rubberized undercoating for an additional $30. The best part is all you have to do is BOLT IT ON, with NO welding required and contains all parts to install!!

Price is $330 shipped in the Continental US.

Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery, as they are made on a “per order” basis. Usual delivery time is less than 2 weeks.