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Forward Facing Intake Manifolds:  1995.5-2004  2RZ/3RZ These manifolds are made to order,  they are made from a stock core 4 or 8 port head since the upper portion is the same in both cases.  This manifold is designed for optimum flow using a proven D-shaped plenum. It has been designed to[…]

Speed-Traction Bars

Traction Bars for Toyota Tacoma 1998-2004 2wd TRACTION BARS to reduce or eliminate axle hop and axle twist for better accel and decel, this kit keeps the axle under control unlike that sloppy setup we have stock. This kit comes with everything needed to install on your truck, including Super[…]

Strut Rods

Strut Rods These upgraded strut rods greatly increase precision steering input by replacing that large bulky rubber end with a heim joint. This keeps your lower control arm from deviating from its intended arc of travel. One of the quickest ways to improve steering input. Improves handling characteristics. Heim can[…]